The Real Never Ending Story

Interactive Dolls, Animation and much more!

One of the most important features of the 3 Monkeys are our interactive dolls and the animation. Our interactive dolls will teach history, languages, interact with both the kids, the website, movies. Kids can interact with them just like with their phones and tablets. 

With our first run 90 minute+ movie, weekly television shows, monthly DVD's, and our video games, there Is no end in sight!

First Run movie

In the spirit of Walt Disney's "Song of the South", the movie features a businessman down on his luck in the real world. He meets up with our 3 Monkeys, who through a series of hilarious circumstances, learns wisdom, courage and his will to go on.  

Animated 'Shorts"

Our 1 to 5 minute shorts are designed to play on the movie screen on the passenger side of the drive-thru! Dinner and a movie!  Our characters engage in fun and entertaining antics to help make the our smallest customers happy while waiting in line at the drive thru at our franchised restaurants. 

Membership Club

Available online through apps, or a website login. With a small monthly membership fee where children can have access to weekly TV Shows, Monthly DVDs, special video games for members only. It will also feature special offers only available to our club members. All of our dolls are interactive with all of the new content. 

Around the World Education

Tic, Tac, Tonee and all of their friends are very educational minded. With the Club Membership they can also learn a new language, study the history and culture of the country featured each month. Each country based DVD will contain special 3 Monkey adventures with children of that culture. They will learn of history, language, food and culture of children all over the world! 

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