That Was Then, this is Now!

Interactive Technology

Just as technology has advanced from the brick phones of the 90's, so too have the 3 Monkeys advanced since they became a twinkle in my eye on the 1990's.      

I had the dolls created then based on the latest in Dollby technoligy. Moving into the 21st Century we are in the process of converting to digital interactive technology. It is incredible and the possiblilities are endless! Virtual Reality games, plush talking dolls the size of a Barbie, our special membership only website that interacts with you and your 3 Monkeys based technology, is just a small piece of what is coming. Our dolls are as close to real life companions as you can get!     

The 3 Monkeys characters will become world-wide icons. Learn art, history, science. Learn a new language or just get better at your current one.     

Just need a friend?     

 Ust imagine:

Your child being able to ask a questions similar to a cell phone, but with the character's voices, teaching, interacting and being their all around mentor and friend. Ask the time, the lyrics to a song, or how to get home!

My interactive 3 Monkeys character dolls are the perfect companion.

See Our Original Dolby Signal 3 Monkeys Dolls

Below you will find a link to see a movie that fearures our Dolby Signal 3 Monkeys Dolls. Remember they are larger than our modern version, and the new dolls feature the newest in interactive technology.

To Succeed you must be prepared to seize opportunity when it comes.


"4 things come not back -  

The spoken word  

The sped arrow  

The past life  

The neglected opportunity."           

~ J.William Oldenburg

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