What if you could...

Think Quick

How many national food chains come to mind offering Hamburgers, Hot dogs AND Pizza all in one location? 

EXACTLY right! NONE!! And therein lies the opportunity for 3 Monkeys restauraunt to become the world's favorite. 

AMM Automated Monkey Menu

Your 3 Monkeys Restaurant experience begins from the moment a customer arrives. From our revolutionary AMM (Automated Monkey Menu) ordering machines, the delicious 3 Monkeys Food...

Monkey Mart

...to the adorable 3 Monkeys clothing and toys in the 3 Monkey Mart to a...

3 Monkeys Birthdays like no other

...once-in-a-lifetime Birthday Event in the 3 Monkeys Birthday Room. 

Drive Thru with cartoons!

The 3 Monkeys "experience" will be one to be remember!

Own Your Own Franchise!

Restaurants will soon be appearing in YOUR neighborhood and around the world! 

Contact us for a business plan! 

Watch This!

The Restaurant Song

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