George Blackburns III President, C-Loans, Inc.

Bill Oldenburg built a huge, modern, and gleaming city - literally.

His company, Investment Mortgage International, used to publish a sales brochure in which an artist had assembled the architectural renderings of all the huge commercial construction projects that Bill had financed.

 Together these project cost several billion dollars to build, and this was back in the days when a billion dollars would build ten skyscrapers. 

There were office towers, high-end residential condo towers - many of which overlooked the ocean or Bay - and entire industrial parks. Together the construction projects that Bill financed looked like a shining city in the clouds. 

These gorgeous icons of architecture would never have been built, but for Bill Oldenburg's special charm, charisma, and unique way of syndicating banks to make huge loads.

 He was, and still is, a giant of a man."  

Wayne Newton

"Greatness is he 

who reminds you of no other."  

Donald Trump

"Bill, You are the greatest" 

Billy Clark

 film producer 

The story of Bill Oldenburg, is far more than a look at an amazing time and place ...of struggle & success, of achievement and ruin,...it is much much more...it is, when all is said and done, the story of one man and his inspirational validation of belief that, in America You can win the good fight.  


Former Mayor Joe Alioto, San Francisco

 "Life is a priveledge to be seized nurtured and squeezed until every enjoyable exasperating, shocking, fulfilling moment has been savored.... Then you go back for seconds." 

 Joe Alioto Former Mayor 

of San Francisco

"Bill exemplifies time's your friend and yesterday's achievements form the foundation of today's realities... Bill is a icon who never gives up persisting with yesterdays songs rewritten for all who care to listen. He is one of a kind with the mold never to be reformed... So if by chance meeting him is a life changing experience"  

 - Stuart Brame, Vancouver, B.C. 

Pictured above: Wayne Newton, Bill Odenburg, Tom Bradley (former Mayor of Los Angeles)

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