3 Monkeys' Entertainment Parks

3 Monkeys' Mission Statement

To provide the foundation for positive role models for children throughout the world. 

The corporation provides an unprecedented opportunity to influence family values through the 3 Monkeys Creed of honesty, integrity, spirituality, charity, dedication, kindness, peacemaking, character, determination, and a sense of community.

Five Themes - Something for Every Kind of Kid

Like Disneyland, 3 Monkeys Entertainment Park has 5 different sections: Ticland, Tacland, Toneeland,  Evieland, and Futureland. 

Ticland is sports-themed to match the character of Tic, its namesake. Baseball is a heavy influence, with a massive screen showing video of a baseball diamond with famous players from various time periods playing at the plate. Home runs are common. You are the flying baseball in some of the rides. At the end of the video presentation, the baseball opens up and Tic, Tac and Tony are in there with french fries all around, visually similar to the shops and food stalls all around. You can purchase Tic logo wear along with 3 Monkeys-themed merchandise featuring your favorite sports star. 

Tacland is academically oriented, where roller-coaster rides are mathematically themed. Virtually be the germ, the bug, the wind, and learn about the natural processes that our world runs on!

Toneeland is music and art. Be an eardrum and feel the vibration of a drum. Paint, sculpt, and draw with the masters. Play in a rock band!

Evieland is a place of international enchantment, and exploration. Meet people from the world over, learn their history, eat their food, play their games. 

Futureland takes you to the stars! Explore the universe to it's farthest depths, virtually create a world in a planetarium, and be a part of the world of tomorrow. 

Do You Believe?

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