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To introduce The 3 Monkeys we will utilize new interactive technology to upgrade The 3 Monkeys dolls from their original Dolby signal of 25 years ago. Tic, Tac, & Tonee will be teachers of customs and languages of different countries throughout the world.

Advances in Technology

Today, our interactive dolls, Tic, Tac, and Tonee, help children learn new languages, answer questions, be friends to the disabled, teach almost anything, and are their friend.

Children of all ages love monkeys, and animating them makes them even more lovable. Look at what Disney has done with their array of new and classic characters.  The possibilities are infinite, and as technology advances, there is no end to what we could do with The 3 Monkeys icon as it becomes recognized around the world using vehicles like theme parks, logo merchandise, movies, with The 3 Monkeys live-action animated films, using original music written and produced exclusively for The 3 Monkeys.

Disney and China

Disney is already in China with their cadre of characters. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, etc. teaching English to Chinese children. The Chinese Government has mandated they learn English before the 8th grade. China, with its 1.5 billion people, is a huge Market for The 3 Monkey's Company.  English is being taught as a second language around the world today, and while the most commonly spoken language in the world is Mandarin Chinese, there are 1,213,000,000 (1.2 billion) people speaking Mandarin, along with 6,500 other languages worldwide.

Community Leaders

A new friend here in Seattle, Michele Noppers, is opening a Charter School, and this is part of what she had to say about The 3 Monkeys:  

We are excited to integrate The 3 Monkeys into our curriculum. At mStar Academies, we design our curriculum to the individual. We are creating an environment that is closer to how they learn at home: multi-sensory, interactive and exciting. 

With a mastery based curriculum where they never have to repeat something they have proven to have mastered; our students move quickly through their education process. We feature the Promethean Technology used in many of the top-rated schools in the world to supplement and be an integral part of the learning process. It allows up to date information at a fingertip, flexibility and FUN! With the multi-screen function on a single board you can literally be in many places at once! In addition, we will also have their Activ table in the elementary class rooms that have six different spaces for students to work in tandem with each other. They work on projects in a 3D type environment. 


Teachers and parents also get real time feedback on how each student is doing. With these and several other features it allows for our students to graduate with an Associate’s Degree and beyond in an age appropriate environment.   

Share the big news

“As we add the monkeys to our Elementary grades, they will interface with our Promethean equipment. As both the equipment and the monkeys are interactive, the monkeys will be able to adapt to each situation.    Tic in a video narrating a safari! Tac taking the children to the ABC farm where they learn the sounds and how to read, and Tonee introducing instruments and their sounds to kindergarteners on the Activ Table where they can then touch an instrument and hear its music. The monkeys are being put into cartoon form and so they can become an integral part of the elementary curriculum. I can see the monkeys rolling across the screen as the children work on their equipment, cheering when they get an answer correct, being sad, but encouraging as they get an answer wrong, then teaching the correct answer.      They can also have video games written with the curriculum. As the student earns game time, they can play ‘Baseball Alphabet’ with Tic. Science lab with Tac where they play ‘Find the Dinosaur’ through the layers of strata. And finally, Tonee could play ‘Match the Master with the Art’! There are a million and one applications for the children in the classroom as they learn how to be their happy monkey selves! I love it.”

Their FAQs

The 3 Monkeys Enterprise has six synergistic divisions poised to enter the lucrative fields of the following five market areas through the promotion of The 3 Monkeys brand:                       

 1.Ancillary products (licensing and 

fashion apparel).

2. Theme Parks. We believe the first 3 Monkeys theme park should be in China to tie in to Tic, Tac, and Tonee, the Ambassadors teaching Chinese children the English Language. It will give them a place to go and be entertained by their “professors,” Tic (Sports), Tac (Academic), and Tonee (Arts and Music). What better teachers can you have?

Many, many ways

Automated Monkey Menu - AMM

3. Company owned and franchised restaurant and retail outlets (500 fast-food theme restaurants worldwide). Even my idea of the 3 Monkeys Restaurant was before its time  (1991) and included "AMM” (Automated Monkey Menu) and Ordering Machines with a computer designed after each Monkey – Tic, Tac, and Tonee, with an AMM Monkey menu to order from your favorite Monkey.

 I was in McDonalds recently and they are just now going to electronic kiosks to allow their guest to order for themselves. I first envisioned electronic kiosks in 1991 when I created the idea of The 3Monkeys, and I observed the children clamor for Tic, Tac, and Tonee. The children of today are raised on computers. Our plan capitalizes on their inherent love of electronics. 

Character Dolls

4. The 3 Monkeys Character Dolls. • Tic, Tac and Tonee as "Plush stuffed dolls" –interactive to communicate and teach children the different customs, history and languages of many countries. 

The 3 Monkey’s Club will be an optional online monthly and/or annual subscription entity, where children of all ages will be able to receive Monkey News, play games and be able to purchase interactive products, including the 3 Monkey Dolls, other characters, DVD’s and more. 

The Animated Dolls are affordably priced and interact with the monthly DVD’s, monthly online access, apps, (with adventures to different foreign countries) are priced - like Disney's DVD club at $19.95.

 • Tic, Tac, and Tonee, will visit foreign countries to sell the DVD’s, monthly online access, or apps every month and run a sweepstakes to win a trip  for a family of four to a foreign country. 

• Educational tools, language courses from The 3 Monkeys. Children learn in the comfort of their own home. Just pick your favorite Monkey and away you go to learn French, Spanish, German and many more!

Animated Movies and More!

5. The Entertainment Division will produce animated movies, stage productions, TV Series, and apps for computers, smart phones, and all other electronic devices.

 Themed music from these activities will be available in all electronic formats and will be made available as they are created. 

If one looks at Disney, they make the most money from animation patents, licensed products to third parties, and merchandise sales. Profit contribution from Theme Park operations is lower, as theme parks require billions in capital outlay, and are never ending in their development, and demand for new capital (investment), so the return on investment is always minimized as compared to non-theme park products.

Charity foundation

6. The 3 Monkeys Charity Foundation and Kids' Club. At the heart of the corporation is The 3 Monkeys Foundation - the charity arm of the company. The 3 Monkeys Foundation is committed to supporting children with disabilities as well as financing research for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Each of The 3 Monkeys represents fundamentally high values and aspirations that are the essence of the Foundation.

Promote Family Values

The 3 Monkeys, without question, is the greatest opportunity I have seen in all my years in business – an opportunity to not only create wealth, but to make a positive difference to family values and provide positive role models for children of all ages. The Net Present Value of The 3 Monkeys future earnings based on a reasonable "cap rate" of its income derived from all 5 Divisions of its business plan would be in the $500 billion dollar range worldwide.

You too can play

Come join with us as the 3 Monkeys become positive role models for families throughout the world. It will be the greatest adventure ever!  

Can’t Wait to see ya!

To Succeed you must be prepared to sieze opportunity when it comes.


 "4 things come not back -

The spoken word

The sped arrow

The past life

The neglected opportunity."

         ~ J.William Oldenburg

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